Saturday, November 13, 2010

Positioned on a Precarious Perch

I'm over looking Red Rock NCA while taking a break positioned on a precarious little perch. Still full from a trail breakfast of couscous, crunchy nuts, and sweet berries, topped off with some chamomile tea. The day is beautiful, starting off about 3 hours ago it was in the upper 30's. Clear skies, no wind, and the shadows now getting smaller, its probably in the 50's now, which feels perfect while hiking. My favorite time of day is when the shadows are long, which had me wandering not so deliberately earlier.
I've been depriving myself lately of these simple pleasures, letting life get in the way. Out of shape doesn't seem to matter, for me this is therapudic.
Realizing I'm 3 hours into the 5 hours I've allotted for this little walk today, and I'm still headed away from where I parked. Time to turn around and pick up the pace a bit. A sip of my G2 and I'm back to walking. Happy trails indeed.

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