Saturday, February 12, 2011

Spring Training & Turtlehead Peak Revisited

Spring is coming, and with our beautiful Las Vegas weather, many days feel like it is already here. While we get out and hike quite a bit during the winter months, it just doesn't feel like we are in training mode until we walk all day.

I recently wrote about a failed attempt (due to lack of time to finish) of Turtlehead Peak - The Path Less Traveled, so I won't bore you with the details already discussed. The beginning of yesterday's hike was very much the same as before, with an added loop to extend the "Training Day 1" mileage. Below Juggy scrambles up one of the many obstacles found on this route.

This is where we left off on our previous attempt, by far the most difficult part of the day just ahead of us. Juggy's stance gives you an idea of just how steep this area is, and the sandstone we are walking on is the easy part.

The peak we are aiming for is on the left, but we will head towards the right around the steep jagged obstacles.

Nearing the last stretch, it merely looks like a hill, but the photo is deceiving. The loose terrain is dangerous and difficult to navigate...two steps forward and one step back kind of thing.

Finally to the top...a short video to show our route and the wonderful view you are treated to after the relentless hike up the steep slope.

Heading down the front side...this is the "normal" much easier route (still very steep).

View of the peak and the canyon we followed down.

Hiking through the Calico Hills...some good old trail miles (finally a trail!). Photo taken using my Stick Pic, one of those "gotta have" gadgets!

Indians inhabited this area long ago, and left their mark in the form of petroglyphs.

Almost finished with our first official training day of the season, the shadows are getting long. Less than a mile left to walk around the end of the Calico Hills and back to the parking lot. (View southeast from Calico 1 parking area)

Sore muscles and feet, we had a wonderful 8 1/2 hour day of hiking. Some people mix up their training with different forms of exercise, but this is how we do it. 8-10 hours of hiking every weekend and a couple of hours during the week when we can fit it in gets us ready for life on the trail.