Thursday, March 17, 2011

Inspired by a Photo

The photo below is from a post I did 3 1/2 months ago called Snow in the Desert - Zion National Park West Rim Trail. It's still the background image on my computer, and I just realized how long it's been there. In all this time I have not taken a photo that inspired me to change it. Is this because my photography has suffered since, or was this just a great composition and an exception for me?

I love how the trail is cut into the snow and meanders up the gentle slope of the hillside, disappearing into the distance, how the desert succulent in the lower left hand corner is filled with fresh snow, how the normally jagged outcropping to the right is bulbous and soft, how the trees create the framework that draws your eyes into the scene, and how the tall mountains can be seen in the distance.

Now I'm feeling sentimental, and I want to go back. Zion is calling me!


  1. Photo perfect indeed. This is a great capture with the camera. Wallpaper worthy as well.

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