Thursday, October 21, 2010

Make Your Own Dehydrated Meat Sauce

Do you like Mountain House meals? They are mighty tasty, but have you ever looked at the ingredients? With so many chemicals, it's a wonder there is any nutritional value at all.

Making your own meals is easy and it gives you the option of making them as healthy as you chose. A big bonus, they are way cheaper than the prepackaged meals you buy at your local outfitter! Here's a quick look at how I prepare one of my favorite freezer bag cooking meals - "John's Meat Sauce" and pasta.

Start by making your favorite meat sauce. I will post mine if you're interested. Then, feed your family and enjoy! Of course you made so much that there is a ton left. Cover your dehydrator shelf with plastic wrap, and spread the sauce evenly.

I usually have enough left over for about 4 trays, so I leave spaces in between (mine has a total of 9 shelves). Set your dehydrator for fruits/fruit rolls, about 135 degrees. My sauce is very thick and has a ton of meat, so it takes about 24 hours to dry. Your mileage may vary.

Sauce is ready to come out...

In order for the sauce to rehydrate faster and more completely, I put it in a blender and grind it into a rough powder consistency. Re-hydrated, it's still very thick.

Stored for future use. I use about 3/4 cup per dinner, and Juggy uses about 1/2 cup. Add your favorite pasta and place single meal sized portions in quart sized freezer bags. At dinner time, simply add about 2 cups of boiling water, stir, seal the bag, and let rehydrate for about 8 minutes. At approx 230 calories per serving (meat sauce only), this is one great tasting, high calorie, nutritional ultralight backpacking meal!

Get your dehydrating supplies here at the Mountain UltraLight Store.


  1. Cool. I really need to get me one of them dehydrators.

  2. can you post your meat sauce recipe, please?

  3. I most definitely will Frank. I'll make some this week so I can provide some good photos along with it!

  4. do you store the sauce in the refrigerator or in the pantry? i'm getting confused, some websites say i don't have to refrigerate, others say i do - if i do, how is it good for bushwalking and hiking over a few days?

  5. Never tried this meat recipe before... sure going to give it a try with my dehydrator. What temperature you used to dehydrate ?

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